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DJ Bahilman has closed down the Creation Steppin' Radio stream, and has joined the bredren at to start Roots Reggae, already the 'net's #1 continuous reggae stream, with over 10,000 daily listeners and growing. The intrusion of ads is minimal, the sound quality is awesome, and the vibe is pure roots. Roots Reggae features massive no-repeat playlists drawn from the 4,000+ rootical tunes in I library. You'll hear a mix of classic roots tunes, deeper cuts, plus a whole heap a material from the growing number of moderns rootsmen and sistren from around the world. The program is available in multiple bitrates and formats including up to 128 kbs mp3, WMA and AAC+. There's no registration requirement, all you have to do is click and listen!

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Maximum respects to the listeners! Guidance - Bahilman